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  • Destinations of our boats including Phuket, Lanta, Krabi and secluded islands in Thailand reachable by ferry only.
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24 Incredibly helpful tips to save money on travel - Part 2

13. Find free entertainment

Stop by a local hostel and check out the notice-board to see what's happening around town or ask the local visitor information or concierge of your hotel for the inside scoop. There could be a great local band playing at a nearby pub or a food festival happening somewhere closeby.

14. Eat where the locals eat

Avoid getting caught in the snare of high-end hotel restaurants or fancy spots aimed solely at tourists! Ask the locals where they eat, what's their favourite restaurant? Be sure to tell them you're after authentic food and not expensive food. One of the best meals Matt and I have ever had was at an easily-missed local restaurant in Ibiza, the kind of place you'd walk straight past if you didn't know it was a restaurant. It was cheap, delicious and incredibly memorable.

15. Choose more affordable destinations

Rather than planning a holiday to somewhere you know is out-of-reach, find a cheaper alternative. If you're after a beach break try visiting Long Set Beach in Koh Rong, a tiny island in Cambodia. Head to a remote Indonesian island and stay in a simple shack on the beach for a fraction of the cost! You'll find yourself visiting somewhere most people haven't been before and being blown away by the simple beauty of the place.

16. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount

When we were travelling on our honeymoon, I contacted the hotels in advance, directly, and asked them if they could offer us a special rate or discounted upgrade. In each case, the hotel said yes. At the end of the day, hotels don't like to have empty rooms so they're usually open to helping you out where they can. Don't be afraid to call up and ask for a discount for a last minute booking or longer stay.

17. Split cabs to the airport

If you're taking a trip to the airport or catching a cab from the airport into the centre of town, ask around and see if anyone wants to split it with you. Of course, safety is a priority here so don't ask anyone that gives you the creeps.

18. Use the night to your advantage

Travel at night, where possible, so you can sleep on the plane or train and save money on a night at a hotel. If you're arriving at a ridiculous time, like 2am, and just need somewhere to rest your head for a few hours, stay at a hostel. Matt and I have done this a few times and we're usually so exhausted we don't care what the room we're sleeping in looks like… we just need rest.

19. Hostels

While we're on the subject of them, hostels can be great. I don't like to stay in dorm rooms, so we usually stay in a private room if we're booking a hostel. We spent quite a few days in one of these in Lisbon, Portugal, and it was a fantastic stay. We were out most of the day exploring anyway, so all that mattered to us was that we had somewhere quiet and clean to sleep at night or retreat to for a wi-fi session and some chillout time.

20. Get your head around exchange rates

Don't be flippant with your money, make sure you have a really good understanding of what things cost and what your money is worth. How much does a bottle of water cost you at home? Keep that number in mind and work out how much you're paying for water in your holiday spot. Is it worth it? Are you being ripped off? Money doesn't lose its value just because you're on holidays, so be as discerning as you would be if you were at home.

21. Use free days at Museums and Art Galleries

Lots of places have free days, find out when they are and come back to take advantage of them.

22. Travel as a group or pair

Solo travel is great in terms of character building and discovering yourself, it's not so great when it comes to cost. If you have friends or a loved-one or partner you can travel with, do it. Even if you make a friend along the way, someone you completely trust, team up with them to split costs where possible. You can save a lot on hotel or hostel rooms, group discounts for activities and transport as well as chipping in for food costs etc.

23. Check out travel booking companies

Get a loose travel itinerary in your mind or an idea of where you want to go then check out travel booking companies to see what they have on offer. While it can feel like the best way to save money is to book each piece of your journey yourself, it can pay to go with a booking company in some instances. They often have deals or established relationships with hotels and airlines that mean discounts for you! On our honeymoon Matt and I got a one-night layover stay at a Singapore hotel for $40au including airport transfers, thanks to Flight Centre. If you're lucky enough to travel for business, a company like Corporate Traveller can be really useful too.

24. Don't pay for things you don't need

You can save money on flights by not choosing your seats, taking carry-on luggage only or not ordering a meal. Matt and I have done over a week in Bali with just a backpack each, so trust me, carry-on only is possible. You could also share one suitcase between two, meaning you only pay for one persons checked luggage.

Be aware of the add-ons airlines try to sell you and what they really mean. I've seen airlines try to sell you baggage insurance for an additional cost at the end of the booking, but in the case of some airlines baggage insurance is already included in the price of the ticket! Read the fine print to understand what you're already covered for before you go adding more onto.

24 Incredibly Helpful Tips to Save Money on Travel - Part 1

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