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  • Destinations of our boats including Phuket, Lanta, Krabi and secluded islands in Thailand reachable by ferry only.
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Koh Mook

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Koh Mook

Koh MookA stunning island paradise to experience sits just off the coast of the Thai province of Trang in the Andaman Sea. This is not your quintessential "island paradise" that many dream about, but this is a unique and authentic destination that is less of an expense, with a close-up experience of the beautiful surroundings. A less crowded island, Koh Mook, is known for a breathtaking cave as well as a sandbar, as well as local fisherman and modest lifestyles, this is an ideal stop for anyone who has had enough of "tourist hotspots" and needs a little slice of paradise for themselves.

Koh  Mook BeachMany travelers know of Koh Mook and visit it strictly for Tham Morakat, or "Emerald Cave". The cave is accessible by swimming through the dark sea-cave or by boat at low-tide and arriving in a hidden beach, surrounded by vast cliffs that protect it from those who do not know of its existence. Once serving as a hiding spot for treasures of pirates-past, it now serves as a popular tourist destination. Staying on the island of Koh Mook affords the traveler the pleasure of visiting Tham Morakat at times when it isn't full of large numbers of tourists from neighboring Koh Lanta and Pakmeng. The island also boasts a large, rocky area where sparrows nest.Koh Mook bird's eye view

There is much more to Koh Mook than Tham Morakat, despite what the more tourist-filled destinations nearby will attend. The island is beautiful to walk, rent motorcycles to ride and cruise on bicycles from beach to interior. The interior includes gorgeous, bountiful native flowers and butterflies that dance among the rubber trees and the jungle. A short trip to the island's east-facing Ao Kham (also known as Sivalai Beach) affords visitors a bright white, almost sugar-like sand, peninsula of a sandbar.

Local food includes Bird's Nest Soup, which while controversial, is a local delicacy. The Swiftlet nests are gathered on surrounding islands are a major delicacy and item in surrounding nations. Most easily found faire is grilled fish, smoothies, as well as growing vegetarian options on the island. The flavors available will range from the adventurous to the familiar-with beer and even cappuccino options at some restaurants.

Koh Mook clear waterStaying on the island is made easy with access to two resorts: Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort and Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort. Both boast beautifully placed accommodations at accessible prices, and access to the most beautiful beaches Koh Mook has to offer.

The people of Koh Mook were predominantly fisherman, but many have taken to the hospitality and tourist industry. There is a fishing village on the island, supporting the traditional industry, although many of the former fisherman have converted their boats to using them for guided tours. Keeping the local culture in consideration is a must for travelers. The island welcomes explorers, but the majority of the island's permanent residents are Muslim inhabitants with their own local customs. Keeping the wild partying and scant-dress to the resort areas is preferred by everyone to keep everyone comfortable.

Koh Mook White Sand BeachThe gorgeous, jade-blue waters and white beaches set against a backdrop of beautiful, lush jungle and the views of the nearby National Parks. The island itself also does allow access to Wi-Fi at resorts, there is medical access on the island and a short boat-ride away. There are also convenience stores as well. For the traveler, you can remain as cut-off from your everyday life or attached as you like, though it is recommended to go out and explore the island and the culture. Allowing the beautiful setting and sea air to take you mentally further from the "everyday" is a must to enjoy this gorgeous destination.

There's no ferry pier at Koh Mook, but the check in point is easy to find. Just locate the Koh Mook Sawasdee Resort on Farang Beach, this is where your ferry boarding process will start.

Address: Check in point: Koh Mook Sawasdee Resort, at Farang Beach, Koh Mook
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